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ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Prefilled cartomizers are disposable cartridge and atomizer combined into one unit. They are also called 'ecig filters','atomized cartridges' or simply 'cartridges' even though this term is also used to describe non-atomized cartridges (not recommended).


ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Cartomizers are prefilled with juice or e-liquid. When the juice runs out the cartomizer loses its flavor and nicotine content but continues to produce vapor that tastes slightly burnt.


ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Using cartomizers costs about 50% less then disposables and gives a smoker the advantage of easily alternating flavors and nicotine strength throughtout the day.


ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Cartomizers come in 2 sizes:





ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Regular cartomizers are more common because they are roughly the same size as a filter of a tobacco cigarette.
ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Regular cartomizers have the capacity to store between .8 and 1.0 ml of juice (e-liquid).

ButtunRoundOra2.jpg X-Long cartomizers are not very common probably due to their awkwardly long appearance.  
ButtunRoundOra2.jpg X-Long cartomizers have the capacity to carry between 1.2 and 1.7 ml of juice with the cost being 10%-25% higher then regular cartomizers of the same brand. (This is roughly the amount of e-liquid that's in a regular disposable e-cig). Thus, x-long cartomizers can further cut your costs by almost half.


 ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Prefilled cartomizers are manufactured for 4 different battery models. Please see the detailed description of each model in the boxes below.

ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Individual preferences vary and evolve so smokers are encouraged to sample several brands until the right ones come along. Here are some factors that will guide your decision:





ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Compatibility - The number of brands that are compatible with your battery model and the cost and flavor options associated with them. Please take a look below for a list of major brands for each of the 4 basic battery models. There are adapters available to convert your battery to a different model cartridge. Checkout "Where to Find E-Cig Adapters" BLOG posting.


ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Nicotine Level - Nicotine level is an extremely important factor. Once the correct level is determined, only brands that meet or exceed this level should be considered.


ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Stamina -  Vendors claim between 150 to 300 puffs per each cartomizer. This claim is impossible to verify due to the strength of an individual's draw and the amount of juice inside. A typical e-smoker consumes about .5 ml of e-juice per day, thus a good quality cartomizer should last at least 36 hours. A few brands offer extra-long cartridges which can last about 3 days when filled to capacity.


ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Vapor Volume - Due to the proprietary liquid formula contained in the cartridge, the vapor production and the texture of the vapor varies from brand to brand and from one flavor to another of the same brand. Different flavors of the same brand often produce more or less throat hit and/or vapor.

 ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Cost and Value - What does it cost to order from a vandor, how long does the product last, are there any defective cartomizers (see discussion about 'duds' below).

 ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Duds - Duds are faulty cartridges that amount to hidden costs. Some are honest mistakes but other brands systematically include 1 dud in a pack of 5 as a business model. We want to expose this type of dishonest marketing. We encourage people to report brands that systematically engage in this type of practice. Here's more about duds:








ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Total Duds - These are cartomizers that do not work at all due to faulty atomizers or no e-liquid inside them.
ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Partial Liquid Duds - Cartomizers that expire prematurely due to less liquid then the rest of the cartomizers in the pack.
ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Feverish Duds - Cartomizers that get super hot and drain the battery. This is probably due to a faulty atomizer. These are partial duds that still provide vapor and nicotine but take away from the users overall experience.
ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Leaky Duds - Cartomizers that leak drops of liquid into your mouth while you are smoking them. This is typically due to the the formula of liquid and occurs frequently with certain flavors rather then randomly.
ButtunRoundOra2.jpg Airflow Duds - Cartomizers that let in too much or not enough air forcing the user to draw harder even with a manual battery. You can usually resolve this by loosening the connection a bit thus salvaging your use of the cartomizer.







bullet_15.gif D1 cartomizers are compatible with KR808D-1 batteries. D1 battery connections look like this:




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bullet_15.gif D1 cartomizers have a hole in the middle with two parrallel cuts across. The circle around the hole is slightly smaller than the E9 style cartridge. Here are  some examples of D1 cartridge types.


    cartd14.jpg    D1cart2.jpg    cartD1a.png

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bullet_15.gif E9 cartomizers are compatible with KR808D-2/E-9 batteries. E9 battery connections look like this:




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bullet_15.gif E9 cartridges have a hole in the middle with no cuts across it. The center hole is slightly smaller than the D1 model. Inside threads are thinner and deeper. Here are  some examples of E9 cartridges:


      cartE9d.jpg      e9cart1.jpg     cartrE9small.jpg


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bullet_15.gif 510 cartomizers are compatible with 510 model batteries. 510 battery connections look like this:

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bullet_15.gif 510 cartomizers have outside threads and a shallow groove around the center holes. Here are some examples of 510 cartomizers  


          cart510b.jpg      cart510t.jpg


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bullet_15.gif RN-4081 cartomizers are compatible with RN-4081 model batteries. RN-4081 battery connections look like this: RNThreads1.jpg


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bullet_15.gif RN-4081 cartomizers have threads on the outside and a deep groove around the center hole.  Here are some examples of RN-4081 cartridges.


  rRNcart2.jpg  cartRnc.png  rn4081cart1.jpg


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